Boston Whaler Rage Jet Boat Forum

While looking for a second boat to explore the shallow areas of the Upper Wisconsin River I decided on the Boston Whaler Rage with it’s reliable Yamaha engine and pump. This is our second boat along side our SeaRay in addition to our PWC’s including Blasters and VXR Pros along with two  couches. If it’s powered by Yamaha we like it.

This site is exclusive to all model years of the Boston Whaler Rage.

Purchased February 16, 2019 near Lake Erie in Ohio. Great condition with the exception of the the rub rail, hull abrasions, scuppers. First thing as always is tear it down to see what we really have. SS impeller upgrade will be first on the list. 

Fitting an Igloo 48 qt Marine Cooler and Atwood plastic chocks. Waiting for the cooler cusion from Specialty Marine before deciding if that is the cooler size that we stick with.